Jennifer Ford Berry, Life's Organization Expert

Hannah Keeley was the keynote speaker at our annual Eve Conference.  She was warm, inspirational, funny and extremely motivating.  She was by far our favorite keynote thus far and many women's lives were changed just be listening to her message and being in her presence.  God has blessed Hannah with the ability to connect with women and moms on a very profound level.  I would highly recommend Hannah as a speaker for any event.

Heidi M., mom of 6

I think all moms, no matter how experienced or how many kids you have, can get into a "rut". You know, things just seem to spiral out of control and you aren't even sure where to start. I was there. Hannah's simple, practical tips really helped me to move forward step by step. It's simple and easy to follow, but life changing at the same time.

Lisa V-G., mom of 2

Hannah Keeley has completely changed my life. A year ago before I found her I was always running on empty. My days were chaotic chasing after my two small children, working full time, keeping house, running errands, forgetting to pay my bills on time, working to keep my marriage alive, leaving no time for me. Worse of all I wanted so badly to have a relationship with God and felt guilty for not making the time. I had no energy and my anxiety was pushing me into depression. One day at work I came across Hannah, and knew that this was what I needed. I got plugged in right away. Today, my finances are in order, I have money saved, and have even been able to quit my job to be a stay at home mom. My house is more organized, I make better food choices for my family, I finally lost all that baby weight, my relationship with my husband is stronger than ever, and I finally have the relationship with God that I always wanted. I wear a bracelet that says "I love my life" and am often asked "Do you really love your life?" I can honestly say I do! Thanks to Hannah Keeley I wake up each day loving my life.

Charlotte S, mom of 2

God used Hannah Keeley to challenge and strengthen my walk with Him, even revealing the JOY in "the daily- what must be done". Attending Master Your Life was such a blessing!! It was a precious time of fellowshipping with other women who want to become the best God made them to be!  The event refreshed not only me physically, but spiritually. I came away with a laser focus to live my life without boundaries for HIS sake!

Katherine S., mom of 6

Hannah, I really think God sent me in your direction. I was in a terrible slump, exhausted, depressed, overwhelmed. My house was a mess, I was having no fun, the finances were a mess, and I was unhealthy. Now things are so different. I laugh, I feel better, my family loves the changes, I am enjoying the best job on earth and just feel overwhelmingly grateful to God for everyday I get to be here doing this fun exciting life. I am truly grateful for you Hannah. Thanks so much for doing all this work for us moms, it is making such a difference in our lives!